Mar 30, 2017 | DFNI Frontier |

The product, named “china” was created by Jiangxi tobacco and is a celebration of the historic importance and Chinese national pride associated with fine Chinese ceramics and Jiangxi itself, the birthplace of porcelain or china. CIDF said the story intertwined with the cultural significance of the Silk Road, by which China first interacted with the rest of the ancient world, exchanging goods and ideas such as East met West.

The packaging of “china” imitates the actual texture and look of ceramics and features the design of the most expensive Chinese porcelain vase ever to be auctioned: the five-clawed dragon. The product also includes a double filter embedded with micro-plant pearls from six plants, including ginseng and chrysanthemum, for enhanced airflow circulation and effortless draw. Furthermore, “china” contains the highest percentage blend of Zimbabwe leaf of all Chinese tobacco products, which is widely considered by experts as the highest quality tobacco in the world.

CIDF said: “Already on shelf in locations across Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Maldives and Qatar, “china” will soon be launched to further international locations. Located in the mid-price range, it offers exceptional quality and innovation at a competitive price along with a nostalgic story which resonates with Chinese travellers and tourists today as they explore foreign destinations.”

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